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We recognise that our business is the sum of the skills and experience of our people.

Our patent attorneys all have at least one degree in a relevant technical field and are qualified as Registered UK Patent Attorneys and/or European Patent Attorneys. Our attorneys also act on trade mark matters and are recorded as Professional Representatives before the EUIPO in Alicante, Spain.

Our professional staff speak English as their first language and place a premium on clarity. These attributes minimise translation problems and ensure that we can communicate our clients’ ideas and activities to intellectual property offices around the world with accuracy and precision. However, we also speak both French and German in‐house to a professional translation standard.

Our formalities staff also undergo rigorous training and have passed the relevant examinations in patent and trade mark administration with flying colours.

Through rigorous in‐house and external training programmes and continuing professional development, we help all our employees develop as individuals and as members of a team that values quality, accuracy and a commitment to client service. Miller Sturt Kenyon is a dynamic organisation that thrives on technological and intellectual challenge.