• 1957

    Founded as J. Miller & Co by Joseph Miller. Having a background in engineering and being fluent in Japanese, he focused his business on technology internationally and concentrated on the filing, prosecution and maintenance of patents, trademarks and designs worldwide.

  • 1991

    Cliff Sturt became the principal of J. Miller & Co.

  • 1997

    Cliff Sturt established the Miller Sturt Kenyon partnership with Sally Kenyon.

  • 1998

    Moved to our current office at 9 John Street in central London.

  • 2004

    Andy Cloughley became Managing Director of Miller Sturt Kenyon Ltd. Through Andy and his team's successes in day-to-day prosecution, contentious work and litigation support, Miller Sturt Kenyon enjoys a continued reputation for high quality service.

  • Today

    We maintain a strong international focus and have specialist expertise in a broad range of technologies. Quality and value remain our hallmarks.

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Quality of service

Our staff are at the forefront of our profession in their knowledge and understanding of intellectual property law and the impact of technology. We have a thorough approach and an eye for detail. The quality of our service is second to none and we have a enviable record in the accuracy of our work. The dynamic nature of our organisation allows us to tailor our services to the requirements of our clients, however exacting, whether they are blue chip multinationals, small- or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or individual inventors.

Quality of work

We obtain strong, high quality protection for our clients’ intellectual property using clear and precise language. With our depth of knowledge and focus on technology, we are often ahead of academics and published texts in our awareness of the issues. Our professional staff speak English as their first language and place a premium on clarity. These attributes minimise translation problems and ensure that we can communicate our clients’ ideas and activities to intellectual property offices around the world with accuracy and precision. We also speak both French and German in-house to a professional translation standard. Our thorough approach results in a very high success rate in formal hearings and litigation work.


In this highly complex field, our clients can be confident that their interests are protected and that the one hundred or so official, in-house and client-led deadlines each case imposes will be met. Our computer systems are built around proprietary software, which we have spent many years developing and refining. Our formalities staff are highly skilled, undergo continuing professional development and are exceptionally motivated. We also follow rigorous double- and triple-checking procedures, and all our letters are checked by fully qualified attorneys. Our procedures ensure the accuracy of all aspects of our work and guarantee that dates are never missed.