Services & Sectors

Our team of attorneys has the expertise to work in a wide range of technical disciplines.  Our clients are drawn from a broad spectrum of fields and we handle applications in the following fields:

  • Engineering, Electronics & Consumer Devices
  • Nanotechnology, Semiconductors & Materials
  • Telecommunications, Software & IT
  • Medical Devices & Optics
  • Chemistry, Life Sciences, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals



Working with inventors and business managers to ensure patent, trade mark and design protection covers both current products and future developments.


Developing patent, trade mark and design filing strategies that provide the protection you need at the lowest possible cost.

Strategy advice/
IP Portfolio Management

We advise on all aspects of IP strategy, from where and when to file to how best to navigate your competitors’ portfolios.


Pre-filing novelty searches, validity searches for existing patents and trade marks and infringement clearance searches (also known as freedom to operate).

Patent watches

A low-cost watching service to keep you updated on the progress of particular patents, other IP rights and opposition proceedings.


Obtaining and reviewing information showing the patent landscape around clients’ areas of interest.


Our straightforward and cost-effective renewals service has a more than 20 year track record.

Validity opinions

Validity opinions on both our clients’ IP and IP owned by third parties to help you decide whether a patent or other registered right would stand up in court.

Freedom to operate/ infringement clearance

Advice on whether your existing and new products infringe other parties’ patent, trade mark and design rights.

Oppositions and appeals

Our attorneys are experienced advocates with an excellent track record handling oppositions and appeal hearings before the EPO for both patentees and opponents.


We are qualified patent attorney litigators with many years’ experience of major UK and European litigation. We are well-equipped to handle patent litigation large or small.


Assistance with licensing negotiations and licence agreements. Practical commercial advice and drafting to find the licensing arrangement that best suits your business.

IP Audit

As members of the UK Government’s IP audit for SMEs scheme, we offer a full audit of your existing registered and unregistered IP rights. We will assess which aspects of your business would benefit from further protection and help develop an effective IP policy for the future.

Due diligence

A full assessment of the target company’s IP, making sure that the target company actually owns the IP for the products it is selling and assessing the validity and proper maintenance of the company’s IP portfolio. We also assess whether IP owned by third parties is likely to affect the target company’s business.


A low cost translation service, with translations made by native speakers specialising in technical documents

Working with solicitors

Providing support services to solicitors in IP litigation and other contentious matters, and for due diligence. Working jointly for clients who require solicitors to provide commercial advice and also require our firm to provide IP-specific advice.