Importance of Patents

When you have an invention that could be a commercial success, you’ll want to ensure your competitors can’t copy it. A patent enables you to take action against anyone who sells, manufactures or imports your invention.

Without the benefit of patent protection, you may be powerless to stop others exploiting your invention and benefiting from your creativity and all your efforts to develop the idea.

Having a patent also enables you to sell or license your invention to other companies, and may help you to secure investment, allowing you to increase the return on your investment in developing the invention.

A patent can last for up to twenty years. When it expires, others are free to use your invention and benefit from your good ideas.

Our firm has specialist technical expertise in many areas including software, optics, telecommunications, nanotechnology, semiconductors, mechanical engineering and devices, electronics and pharmaceuticals. All our patent attorneys are both scientifically and legally qualified, and you will be dealing with a professional who can understand your invention and make sure you obtain excellent protection.

Our advice is also commercially realistic, to help ensure patenting makes sense for you and fits in with your business strategy, budget and timescales.