Company Names & Domain Names

Company Names

In the UK, company names are registered at Companies House.  Although we are not able to assist you in registering a company name, we can help you make sure that your new company name does not conflict with another party’s existing trade mark and other rights.

In particular, we can carry out searches to identify trade marks that your proposed company name might be identical or confusingly similar to.

Domain Names

Alongside trade marks, in today’s on-line world, domain names are becoming an increasingly important part of any organisation’s identity.

Thus, they form an ever more vital component of any intellectual property portfolio.  We can assist you in developing a domain name strategy alongside your trade mark strategy.  In particular, we offer the following services:

  •     Advising whether a domain name is available and can be used
  •     Registering domain names in the UK and overseas
  •     Managing portfolios of domain names, including domain name renewal
  •     Monitoring domain names used by others
  •     Representation in dispute resolution with the appropriate authorities