Trade Mark Searching & Watching

Trade Mark Searches

Suppose you have adopted a new brand name for one of your products, and you’ve invested significantly in associated design work and marketing.

You’ve just launched the product and everything is going well until you receive a letter from a trade mark attorney acting for a competitor company. It turns out your competitor registered the same brand as a trade mark last year, although they haven’t started using it yet.

Your trade mark attorney advises that your competitor has the right to stop you using your brand, even though you started using it first.

To avoid this unfortunate (and quite common) situation, we strongly recommend a trade mark search before you adopt a new mark. We can offer a range of searches depending on the stage you have reached with the proposed mark.

Trade Mark Watching Services

Our watching service alerts you when other companies try to register marks similar to your own. You can then take action to prevent them obtaining a registration, if appropriate. This is important because, even if you have your own trade mark registration, this will not automatically stop another company registering the same mark.

A watching service alert can also provide an “early warning” that another company is planning to use a mark similar to yours, allowing you to take action at an early stage.

Our searching and watching services are carried out by specialists with extensive experience in these complex fields.